Patrick Boyle


Ginkgo is building a platform to enable customers to program cells as easily as we can program computers. Our partners use our platform to program cells to develop transformative technologies across food, materials, pharmaceuticals, heavy industry, and more. Ginkgo supports them by providing services built on flexible automation (our Foundry) and a massive repository of experimental data and biological assets (our Codebase), all powered by advanced software and AI tools. Our customers are looking to biology as a necessary tool to address some of the greatest challenges we face today, from food security to climate change and global health. Ginkgo’s biosecurity unit, Concentric by Ginkgo, is building next-generation biosecurity infrastructure and technologies that biodefense leaders need to prevent, detect, characterize and respond to a wide variety of biological threats.

Patrick Boyle is the head of Codebase at Ginkgo Bioworks, the leading horizontal platform for cell programming, providing flexible, end-to-end bioengineering services for organizations across diverse markets, from food and agriculture to pharmaceuticals to industrial and specialty chemicals. Over the past 10 years, Boyle has worked on Ginkgo’s core microbial technologies at the intersection of biology, computation and data. The Codebase team leads Ginkgo’s customer-facing programs by leveraging software, robotics and novel biological assets to bring new products to market. Boyle was a 2014 fellow in the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security’s Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity program and currently serves on the Board on Life Sciences for the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Prior to Ginkgo, Boyle received a Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School in 2012, where he developed synthetic biology applications in bacteria, yeast and plants in the lab of  Pamela Silver. He received an S.B. in biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006.

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