Antonio Regalado


A journalist shares the inside story of what it’s like to report on the cutting-edge of reprogenetics, including the scoops that first brought to light “stembryos,” CRISPR babies, DNA-based IQ tests and attempts to assess the future of IVF embryos using polygenic scores. And yes, Dr. Frankenstein will take your call. Have your notepads ready!

Antonio Regalado is the senior editor for biomedicine for MIT Technology Review. He specialized in scoops at the frontiers of emerging biotechnology, age reversal and gene-editing. He broke the story of the “CRISPR Babies” in China and has appeared in the documentary films “Make People Better” and “Human Nature.” Before joining MIT Technology Review in July 2011, Regalado was a science reporter and later a Brazil correspondent with The Wall Street Journal.

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