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Conference History

These conferences are held every other year and have the flexibility to range broadly in subject matter and discipline. All are intended to bring to the Rice University campus top experts and major figures to focus on a topic of great concern to society.

De Lange Conference I: Human Impact on the Environment. (1991)

De Lange Conference II: Biotechnology: Science, Engineering and Ethical Challenges for the 21st Century. (1994)

De Lange Conference III: Sustainable Development: Managing the Transition, presented in association with The Woodlands Conference. (1997)

De Lange Conference IV: Neurobiology of Perception and Communication: From Synapse to Society, presented in association with the Baylor College of Medicine. (2001)

De Lange Conference V: Frontiers of Medicine: Society, Pharmacology, and Membrane Biology in the Genomic Era, presented by way of collaboration with The Gulf Coast Consortia. (2005)

De Lange Conference VI: Emerging Libraries, presented via the Fondren Library and the Computer and Information Technology Institute (CITI). (2007)

De Lange Conference VII: Transforming the Metropolis: Creating Sustainable and Humane Cities, organized and hosted by Rice University's, Center on Race, Religion, and Urban Life; Center for the Study of Environment and Society; Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Department of Architecture and Rice Design Alliance; Department of Sociology; and the University of Houston's College of Architecture. (2009)

De Lange Conference VIII: The Future of the Research University in a Global Age: a forward-looking forum for university leaders, visionaries, and researchers to contemplate the rapidly evolving ecosystem of research universities in response to powerful global forces and disruptive technologies. (2012)

The De Lange Conference book series is available for the first four conferences.


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