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Our Bioelectronic Future: Smaller, Smarter, Connected

The conference will focus on issues created by the impact of information technology on labor markets over the next 25 years, addressing questions such as:

  • What advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and automation are expected over the next 25 years?
  • What will be the impact of these advances on job creation,job destruction and wages in the labor market?
  • What skills are required for the job market of the future?
  • Can education prepare workers for that job market?
  • What educational changes are needed?
  • What economic and social policies are required to integrate people who are left out of future labor markets?
  • How can we preserve and increase social mobility in such an environment?

The De Lange Conference will feature renowned speakers from academia, industry and leading think tanks with expertise in technology, economics, social sciences and the humanities. More information and registration will be available at

The biennial De Lange Conferences, funded by the De Lange Endowment , were established by C.M. and Demaris Hudspeth in honor of Demaris' parents, Albert and Demaris De Lange.



Diane Bailey

Associate Professor, School of Information
The University of Texas at Austin

Guruduth Banavar

Vice President, Cognitive Computing
IBM Research

John Seely Brown

Co-chairman Deloitte’s Center for the Edge; Advisor to the Provost USC

Richard Freeman

Professor of Economics, Harvard University
Harvard University and The National Bureau of Economic Research

Eszter Hargittai

Delaney Family Professor Affiliation
Communication Studies Department, Northwestern University

John Leslie King

W.W. Bishop Professor of Information
University of Michigan School of Information

Vijay Kumar

Nemirovsky Family Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Pennsylvania

Lawrence Mishel

Economic Policy Institute

Joel Mokyr

Robert H. Strotz Professor of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Economics and History at Northwestern University and Sackler Professor, (by spec. appnt.) Eitan Berglas School of Economics at Tel Aviv University
Northwestern University and Tel Aviv University

Debra Satz

Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society, Professor of Philosophy and, by courtesy, Political Science. Senior Associate Dean for the Humanities and Arts J. Frederick and Elisabeth Brewer Weintz University Fellow in Undergraduate Education Affiliation
Stanford University

Manuela Veloso

Herbert A. Simon University Professor
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Judy Wajcman

Anthony Giddens Professor of Sociology
The London School of Economics


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