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Conference Videos


Conference Introduction and Opening Remarks by Rick Wilson, David Leebron and Moshe Vardi
Manuela Veloso – Robot Autonomy: Symbiotic Interaction and Learning
Vijay Kumar – Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles and Flying Robots
Guruduth Banavar – The Cognitive Economy: Opportunity & the Future of Work in the Age of Cognitive Computing
Richard Freeman – Employment and Income in the Age of the Robots
Lawrence Mishel – Should we fear the robots?: Automation, job shortages and rising inequality
Diane Bailey – Shaping Our Future with AI, Robotics, and Automation in the Workplace
Q&A with Speakers: Manuela Veloso, Vijay Kumar, Guruduth Banavar, Richard Freeman, Lawrence Mishel and Diane Bailey.
Joel Mokyr – Is Technological Change a Thing of the Past?
Debra Satz – Ethical Issues Regarding Work in the Future
Judy Wajcman – Automation, Robotics and the Temporality of Everyday Life
John Seely Brown – The Generative Dance Between Us and Our Machines -- New Ways to Learn, Work, Explore, and Imagine
Public Policy Panel with John Leslie King (Moderator), Daniel Castro, Stuart Elliott, John Markoff and David Nordfors


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